Physicals services offered in Las Vegas, NV

Sometimes scheduling a physical with your primary care provider can take weeks or months. Whether you need to come in for an annual physical for pre-employment, or if your child needs one to enroll in school sports or camp, the expert team at A+ Urgent Care in Las Vegas, Nevada, offer physicals to patients aged four and older. For a convenient and comprehensive physical, visit A+ Urgent Care today or schedule an appointment online. 

What is a physical? 

During a physical, your provider assesses your health holistically. They identify any acute or chronic physical conditions you have, mental health concerns, and equip you with tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

You don’t need to be sick or suffer from any symptoms to return for a physical. You may need a physical if you’re beginning employment with the Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), enrolling in college, going back to school, or starting a job that requires one.

For preventive measures, A+ Urgent Care recommends an annual physical. This can help you identify a serious health condition early on and avoid costly treatments down the road.

A+ Urgent Care doesn’t offer telehealth for physicals, as it's necessary to perform the exam in person. 

What happens during a physical? 

When arriving for your appointment, prepare to discuss the medications you take, allergies, known health issues, and any information from your primary care provider or specialists. 

During a physical, you can expect your provider to: 

  • Note your and your family’s medical history 
  • Discuss any symptoms or concerns 
  • Take your vitals (respiratory and heart rate, blood pressure) 
  • Check your weight
  • Perform a dermatological exam 
  • Conduct a head, chest, and abdomen exam 
  • Examine ears, eyes, throat, and nose 
  • Perform a mental health evaluation 
  • For school sports, evaluate joints, strength, and flexibility 

Your provider may also administer any needed or requested vaccinations and immunizations. 

Does a physical include tests or screenings?

A metabolic panel or a complete blood count may be useful to your provider if they’re looking to detect an underlying health condition. Your provider may screen children for high cholesterol, anemia, or tuberculosis.  

Your provider may conduct additional tests if you or your child is at higher risk for cancer, thyroid issues, or heart conditions. 

Men may undergo a testicular and hernia exam, a cholesterol test, and a prostate cancer screening. For women, your provider may perform preventive screenings like mammograms, osteoporosis screenings, pap smears, or pelvic exams. 

If you’re sexually active, you can also request an STI screening panel. 

Your provider may counsel children on healthy lifestyle choices, personal hygiene, and substance abuse, or allow them to speak in private about any physical or mental health issues. 

Utilize A+ Urgent Care’s walk-in service for your physical today or schedule an appointment online.